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4 Kitchen Cabinet Remodels Clients In Seattle Used Our Cabinets For

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You Can Be Like Our Clients In Seattle And Take Your Kitchen One Step Closer To Your Ideal Vision

It’s a great idea to see what a contractor can do before you consider hiring them. Then, you can see if what they’re capable of matches what you want.

In this post, you can see 4 projects clients near you had us provide cabinets for. The projects can include kitchen cabinets, but clients had us do some design work for them too.

But Can They Do What We Want?

“Well, they have a lot of 5-star reviews on Google,” says Jim.

Olivia forehead wrinkles slightly. “Ok, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best contractor for us. We should look on their website for kitchen cabinet remodeling projects their cabinets were used in.”

“That’s a good point and great idea!” confirms Jim. “Then we can have a better idea if they can help us create our vision. I’m sure they’ve provided cabinets for kitchen cabinet remodels near us. Aha, they have a whole portfolio section, let’s check it out.”

Olivia walks over to where Jim’s sitting on the couch. “Alright, let’s see what kind of cabinets they have. Then we can try to find out how much their kitchen cabinets cost.”

Here’s what the couple sees:

Christophe And Lora Backman Their Kitchen Cabinets

Their kitchen was dark and not very inviting. Lora wanted it to be a bright, welcoming place that’s ideal for entertaining and spending time with family and friends.

Christophe and Lora used our cabinets to help them make it happen.

Here’s how their kitchen looks now:

raised shaker cabinets


Steph And Eric Upgrade Their Kitchen Cabinets

Steph will tell you the same thing everyone who tries this does- painting your kitchen cabinets only works for a little while. They’re still the same cabinets that lack the look and function she needed.

Steph and Eric hired us to help give their kitchen cabinets the functionality they need.

Here’s how their kitchen looks now:

Angie And Neil Get More Storage With A Modern Look

Angie feels the need for a kitchen cabinet remodel because she needs more storage space. She also wants them to look more modern, which to her means big and white.

So, Angie and Neil hired us to provide the kitchen cabinets that could help bring their vision to life.

Here’s how their kitchen looks now:

shaker cabinetsPantryvanity

Misti And Jason Get Their Rustic Look

After 11 years, Misti was finally fed up with the lack of functionality her kitchen had. Now, years after they hired us for our kitchen cabinets, she still loves her kitchen as much as when she first saw it.

Here’s how their kitchen looks now:


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“Oh wow, these are some modern-looking kitchen cabinet remodels! Let’s see what other kitchen cabinet posts this cabinet maker has,” says Olivia excitedly as she slides the phone from Jim’s hands.