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5 Features of a Minimalist Kitchen Design

By November 1, 2023 No Comments

Minimalism is in trend these days. Most people love to go for a minimalist kitchen that is smart and sleek rather than a cluttered space! Choosing simple designs and a monochrome look provides much more symmetry and clarity to the kitchen design.

This philosophy of design is loved by those who like a cleaner view that has more free space available. Here is a list of five features that every minimalist kitchen possesses.

Not just white walls and white cabinets

Minimalism is not restricted to just white. It is a myth. Minimalist kitchens usually have a set color scheme. It does not have to be an all-white kitchen. It is rather a focal color that will be common to all the elements of the kitchen. You can also go for hues of the same color to add some variety while still keeping it minimal. Grey and black go extremely well together and so does white and brown if you are looking for some color inspiration.

Clean lines

Make sure the lines are crisp and well-defined. Keep the cabinet handles very basic and elegant. Proper differentiation between lines and no curve lines at all is a prerequisite. Also, ensure that the kitchen accessories are geometric and sharp-edged. Hidden cabinet and drawer handles are a great way to ensure a perfectly minimalist kitchen. Try your best to avoid any curved or organic lines that might look distracting.

A minimalist kitchen is well lit.

A minimalist kitchen is also supposed to be well-lit. It would enhance the sharp lines of the kitchen and give minimalist vibes. Ensuring an open floor plan and allowing a lot of natural light in would be ideal for a beautiful minimalist kitchen. However, if there is no arrangement for natural light, opt for subtle cove lights instead.

Go easy on the number of appliances.

Invest in multipurpose appliances, like a single microwave oven unit, go for a hidden refrigerator and dishwasher. Make sure the countertop is as clutter-free as possible. Adding a simple geometric knife stand and a couple of crockery pieces is fine, but do not overdo the countertop. Add small pots if you really want to, but make sure they are neat and well-tamed. For coffee makers and chimneys, try to match the color of the appliances with the color of your cabinets.

Cleaner wall finish

Do not over-accessorize your kitchen walls with any distracting accessories. Go for a smooth wall finish. Minimalist designs are sleek, smart, and well-defined. But it does not have to look incomplete. With proper guidance, you can have a minimalist kitchen which is also a reflection of your personality.

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