Seattle Cabinets: Your Most Reliable Paint, Reface, Refinish, and Lacquer

Seattle Cabinets is a specialist in doing cabinet painting, cabinet refinishing, cabinet refacing, and varnishing for you. We are a local option based in Seattle for giving your cabinets aesthetic improvement as well better longevity. We’re here to help – no matter whether you want to renovate your kitchen/bathroom space, or any other areas that require refurbishment of the cabinetry.

Why Choose Seattle Cabinets 

For cabinetry, you need a service that merges art of craftwork and aesthetics. Seattle Cabinets provides:

Quality Craftsmanship 

The team comprising many years’ field exposure on the other hand knows the state of art techniques/materials.

Extensive Options 

We have anything in a range of finishes and styles from classic to modern for your interiors.

Customer Satisfaction 

From the very beginning to the end result, we strive to go beyond what you expect.

Cabinet Painting 

Allow us to professionally paint your cabinets and transform their look. Here’s why you should consider this option:

Quick Turnaround 

Transform your kitchen to a fresh-looking space in just a few days without a total renovation.


You can easily afford cabinet painting in order to resurrect your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Color Options 

Match your choice of color to your design idea by selecting it from an extensive range of hues.

Cabinet Refinishing 

Restore the old magic of your tired cabinets through our cabinet refinishing.

Restoration Skills 

Our expertise lies in refurbishing cabinets back to what they were supposed to look like through bringing out their natural appeal.

Environmentally Friendly 

Our products contain non-VOC compounds thus ensuring safe surroundings for the home.

Cabinet Refacing 

If you need to transform your cabinets, consider the cabinets refacing will be much cost-effective than removing and reinstalling new ones.

Less Disruption 

It’s less invasive letting you keep up with your activity in the space throughout the project.


A customized look using different materials and finishes.


We use professional varnishing to safeguard and improve your cabinets.

Long-lasting Results

The final step, varnishing, is aimed at making your cabinets last longer by adding another protective surface layer.

Aesthetic Appeal 

Varnish is used because it highlights the authentic grains on the timber and makes it look pleasantly good.


This choice of service is the most important when it comes to your cabinetry. Complete solutions customized to your requirements at Seattle Cabinets. To summarize:

  • Cabinet Painting: A fast and cheap makeover.
  • Cabinet Refinishing: To restore the original beauty.
  • Cabinet Refacing: For a less invasive overhaul.
  • Varnishing: For this purpose, you can use a product that is designed for protecting as well as lengthening your cabinets’ lives.
  • In case you need any kind of cabinetry services, Seattle Cabinets located in the State of Washington will cater for your needs. Call us today for free consultation.

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