Cabinet Solutions for Your Cluttered Home Spaces

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When homeowners start thinking about home renovations they’d like to do, they tend to think about big projects like complete room makeovers, adding a pool or a patio, finishing a basement, or adding on extra living space. These are expensive and take time and effort to plan and complete, and too often they get put on a “someday” list and never get done.

Sometimes it’s better to think about the smaller and more doable home improvements, and of all the possibilities, cabinets are among the most useful, practical and affordable. Literally every room in your home can benefit by the addition of custom cabinetry.

Cabinet Solutions for Your Cluttered Home Spaces

Mud Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a mud room, you want to get the most utility you can out of it, and custom cabinets can do that. Create lockers for all of your cold weather and sporting gear to keep it safe and out of sight, as well as seating with storage for muddy shoes and boots. Add on drawers and cubby holes for miscellaneous outdoor accessories like hats, gloves and scarves.

Laundry Room

If you’re like most people, your laundry room quickly gets cluttered and messy, especially if it’s small. Cabinets and shelves built onto bare walls and corners give you the storage space you need to keep everything organized. Build specialized storage for your ironing board and accessories, a fold-out or hanging hamper for dirty laundry, a clothes-folding countertop over the machines, and lots of shelving.

Garage Cabinets

Another home space that never has enough storage yet needs to hold items of all shapes and sizes, the garage is the perfect spot for custom cabinets. Create personalized workspaces with special drawers and holders for tools, large lockers for bigger items like shovels, rakes and hoses, and a variety of shelves to hold gardening, cleaning, and other household products.

Master Closet

A large walk-in closet makes getting dressed and keeping your wardrobe organized so much easier. Create spaces for hanging clothes hidden behind sliding doors, small cubbies to store shoes, special rotating racks for ties and jewelry, seating with hinged lids for more storage, and extra shelves for everything else.

Kitchen Pantry

Everyone needs more storage space in the kitchen. A built-in pantry is a great solution and can usually be incorporated even in small kitchens. Add specialized drawers for utensils, trash cans, appliances — even the pet’s food dish.

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