How Much to Install Kitchen Cabinets?

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kitchen cabinets

Purchasing custom cabinets in Seattle is a big decision! As cabinetry is a semi-permanent purchase, it’s important that you understand how to choose your installation company with confidence. Simply put, cheap installation companies aren’t good and good installation companies aren’t cheap – but they can still be affordable and offer the highest value for your money. This should be considered when looking at how much to install kitchen countertops.

There are many factors that go into the answer to the question, “how much to install kitchen cabinets?” and they will vary from project to project. To help you get a general idea of what your budget should look like, consider the following:

Material and Design

A huge factor in the price for cabinet installation is going to be the material and design of your cabinets. Custom designs that are made out of high-end materials with unique designs will always be more expensive to install than stock cabinets that are made out of basic materials. Some companies will calculate their installation costs by multiplying the price of materials up to 3 times.

Cabinet Hardware

Another thing to consider when calculating how much to install kitchen cabinets is whether or not you will have hardware installed. There are many designs that look fabulous without hardware, but it all comes down to personal preference and budget.

Of course, you can always attempt to install cabinet hardware yourself, but hiring a professional will ensure proper function and keep your warranty intact.

Kitchen Size

The sheer size of a project will likely be the largest factor in how much to install kitchen cabinets. Larger kitchens require more material and more hours for installation, which means higher labor costs. Keep in mind that if you have a uniquely designed space, the cost of installation will be significantly higher.

Cabinet Placement

There is always the possibility that a cabinet installation company will have to work around electrical wires and/or you will have to have drywall, plumbing, and painting work done in order for the cabinets to fit seamlessly into your space. The cost of hiring outside contractors for jobs that are necessary to install cabinets should always be considered when calculating how much to install kitchen cabinets.

 Seattle Cabinets Guarantee

Seattle Cabinets offer a Lifetime Guarantee along with extraordinary warranties. When you purchase the best custom cabinets in Seattle with Seattle Cabinets, we promise to fulfill our contractual obligations, and then some. We will be here for you to call any time, even if it’s years after your cabinets have been delivered and installed.

We understand that there are many custom cabinet companies in Seattle for you to choose, and purchasing custom cabinets is not a small purchase. That’s why Seattle Cabinets promise to give you the absolute highest value for your money so no matter how much to install kitchen cabinets, you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. No buyer’s remorse.

Contact us to set up a pressure free Complimentary Design Consultation with one of our Washington cabinets designers!

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