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Kitchen Cabinet Pictures From Nearby Homes That Impress You

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You Can See Kitchen Cabinet Designs And Pictures From Client’s Homes In And Around Seattle, Bellevue

brown kitchen cabinets with countertop

Seeing what the current trends are in your neighborhood before you do anything is a great idea! This is especially true for popular spaces like kitchens.

In this post, you can see kitchen cabinet images. They’re either designs clients had us do or cabinets we’ve sold for a project.

Before We Start Calling Around…

“Before we start contacting contractors, let’s hunt for kitchen cabinet remodel ideas,” says Kevin.

Michelle looks up from her phone, eyes wide. “What? Sorry,” she sputters, “I just didn’t think you’d be that invested in our kitchen remodel.”

Kevin smiles. “Exactly, our, kitchen remodel. We finally have enough to upgrade to something really nice. I want to be a part of that. Plus, you’re always wanting me to, so let’s do it together.”

Michelle claps her hands, walking over to sit beside Kevin. “Then we need to look at pictures of kitchen cabinet colors, pictures of kitchen cabinet door styles, kitchen cabinet designs photos, oh so many!”

She holds her phone out so they can both see it. “I’ve already started looking, here see what I’ve found by this one contractor. He even has a

Here’s what they see:

Kitchen Cabinet Pictures From Projects In Redmond

These kitchen cabinet transformation ideas happened one of two ways. Either a client had us design and provide the cabinets or just provide them.

Country style

Kitchen Cabinet Color Pictures

These are the more popular colors  people in Seattle are choosing for their kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets style