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Tips to transform your kitchen

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To transform your kitchen is not a small deal. The kitchen is a space that binds your loved ones together and helps them bond. It’s a place that emits love and happiness.  It has the power to engage and enthrall.  It is imperative to put together a cooking space that is easy to operate, entertaining to cook in, and provides a conducive environment to socialize.

Are you looking for some pointers? Here are a few tips and tricks to transform your kitchen into a place that is full of energy, looks inviting to your family, and makes you happy.

Tip #1 – Identify must haves, could haves, should haves.

This is the first step for you if you wish to transform your kitchen effectively. Visualize your new kitchen in your mind and list down all must-haves, could haves, and should-haves.  Make note that must-have items cannot be removed from the list at any cost.  Items in the could have listed can be retained based on the budget and consensus.  Should have articles are determined on the basis of its necessity.

Research for the right material, check the prices, and assess the alternatives.

Tip #2 – Close to the nature approach with an additional personal touch.

A kitchen should be well lit and well ventilated. A few pots of green plants will bring a sense of life into the kitchen. A large window that lets in a lot of sunshine in will be like a cherry on the cake.

Infuse your personality in your kitchen design.  Include something that you have made in the kitchen, such as a painting or a positive quote.  It will give a dash of personal touch to your kitchen.

The use of wood for cabinet doors and cupboards is a good option. It is also a way of including a dash of nature to your kitchen.

Tip #3 – Go for a seamless look.

The design of the kitchen has to be sturdy and seamless. Engravings on the cabinets, tiles, or countertops are prone to attracting dust, dirt, and pests. Avoiding engravings will result in a lower cost of maintenance with longevity.

Tip #4 – More the Merrier

Creating ample space for your utilities and utensils will help in keeping your kitchen organized. A place for everything will ensure everything has its place. Keep vertical storage in serious consideration and it is helpful in accommodating unusually large items.

Tip #5 – Walking in the kitchen should be a cakewalk.

Anti-skid tiles/mats ensure safety and free movement in the kitchen.  The flooring of your kitchen should be in line with the design of the rest of your house.

A high-quality stone, quartz, or marble for the kitchen countertop can be considered. Another important point to keep note of is to place the countertop at an average height of 33inches from the floor.

A few bonus tips.

Good lighting in a kitchen is essential. Ensure ample lighting on the ceiling and consider installing lights under the cabinet.

White could be a great color for the kitchen as it imitates more space. Break the monotony with the help of accents in a contrasting color.

Upgrade your hardware to well-known brands. They might be a little expensive but justify when you consider their lifetime cost of ownership. Integrating appliances and cabinets into panels will blend into your kitchen design scheme and give an organized look. This is probably the best piece of advice you may get on how to transform your kitchen.

We hope this article gave you enough insight into how to transform your kitchen. In case you want to discuss your new kitchen in detail, feel free to contact us.