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Top 5 ways to create extra space in your kitchen.

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You all fantasize about having one of those big, and well-organized kitchens, but the truth is that you do not have the funds or extra space in your kitchen to do so.

The most efficient space is one that you customize to fit your needs. And for this, you need to shell out a lot of money to change the layout. Well! not anymore. Declutter your kitchen once and for all with smart kitchen ideas available in the market. Trick your cabinets and drawers to create more storage space. Discover new kitchen ideas with us to fit your growing lifestyle needs in the available space. Follow these tips to create extra space in your kitchen!

Classify and designate a place for everything.

Classify all the items in your kitchen area and designate them in a place in the kitchen. If required reuse old canisters and boxes to create space for every item. Most importantly, there should be a separate space for the errant bags that we tend to dump after a shopping bout.

Work on untapped space in the kitchen.

If your kitchen has small empty corners and spaces that are not utilized, put them to use for a clutter-free countertop. Make use of that empty vertical space in the cabinet by placing risers in that space. It will be easy for you to pick items from the middle of a huge stack. A curtain rod near the sink of the kitchen will help you to hang some of the heavy-weight utensils like woks and pans. Similarly, using corner shelves can help in utilizing the corners of the kitchen.

Use the cabinet doors.

The cabinet doors have lots of storage possibilities. Simply install utilities like hooks, corkboard, or magnetic strips to store lids, boxes of foil and plastic wrap, measuring cups, grocery lists, etc. On the outer side of the cabinet door, install a towel holder or a tray for keeping the cleaning supplies.

Use space of the fridge walls

One can save the counter space by pasting the magnetic knife holder on the surface of the fridge facing the countertop. A magnetic shelf might also help create some storage space for lightweight items.

Wall-mounts or hang cooking essentials.

Artfully hang the cooking utensils underneath a cabinet for easy access. There is a dead space between the counter and the upper cabinet. Use that area by wall-mounting an open shelf to keep everything you need for cooking.

The above points will certainly create some extra space in your kitchen with a limited area. But if your kitchen space is too small then shift kitchen storage into a close-by room. One can stash non-perishable pantry items along with kitchen tools that are used occasionally. Using a foldable table can create extra space in your kitchen for preparing and eating food without taking the floor space. Just tuck away the desk once you finish cooking and eating.

In case you have questions that are unanswered, please feel free to comment and we would try our best to help you out.