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What Kitchen Cabinet Knob & Handle Ideas And Styles Are The Best?

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People Choose A Combination  Of These Ideas And Styles When Putting Together Their Ideal Kitchen Cabinet Look

Knowing the ideas, types, and styles of something can allow you to create one that’s more ideal for you!

In this post, you can uncover cabinet knob and handle ideas like types, materials, and colors. You can also discover a few ideas you can use.

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Types Of Cabinet Knob And Handles

Knob. Knobs are small pieces attached to the front of cabinets and drawers.

Handle. Handles are more like handles. They’re usually vertical on cabinets and horizontal on drawers.

Materials For Cabinet Knobs And Handles

Common materials are zinc on the less expensive side and copper or brass on the higher-end. You can also choose stainless steel or bronze.

Cabinet Knob And Handle Ideas

Cabinet Knob Ideas

When it comes to cabinet knobs, the ideas are mostly different shapes. Round, square, and diamond shapes are a few ideas you can use.

Cabinet Handle Ideas

Bar. These handles are straight and round, much like bars. They can be ornate or basic depending on the style you want.

Arch. Arch handles have a slight arch to them. They’re a simple design that works great in smaller kitchens.

Finger handle. These handles for cabinets work better in contemporary spaces. They’re thin, flat pieces with a slight lip for your finger to catch onto when you pull.

Cutout. For drawers, you can have the top center part strategically cut out as a handle.


None. You can have cabinets and drawers without any kind of knob or pull! This is definitely more to match a certain aesthetic than to make opening cabinets and drawers easier.

Custom. You can choose what material, look, and even shape you want for your cabinet handles or knobs.

Champagne bronze, rose gold, brass, and matte black are popular colors for cabinet knobs and handles. Some people set up their kitchen with different color handles. This is usually for island cabinets and wall cabinets.