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Which Cabinets are the Best for Your Project?

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Homeowners are taking on more remodeling projects than ever before particularly in the Pacific Northwest. We all know that as the heart of the house, kitchens are a very important part of any home renovation. And cabinets are the most crucial part of renewing your kitchen.

I have always said that I will give you the kitchen of your dreams within your budget and what you have to spend and the timing of your job will determine which cabinets will meet your needs.

Stock Cabinets

By definition stock cabinets are premade and warehoused somewhere. The Home Depot and Lowe’s are the warehouses where they can be found.  Typically they are made in limited sizes, door styles, woods and colors. They are readily available and are the budget friendly option. A designer can find creative solutions within these lines to meet your cabinet needs. As with all cabinets, there are differences of quality and craftsmanship within this category. There are excellent stock cabinets that will last for years and cheaply made ones that will not. Being mindful of the quality of the finishes and construction you can have a beautiful kitchen with stock cabinetry if you don’t have any extraordinary circumstances.

At Seattle Cabinets, we have both affordable options and truly Customizable choices that are all made to order for you.

Custom Cabinets

When you go custom it opens up a myriad of options. You have many differences including Door Styles, Woods, Paint and Stain Colors. You are able to get special sizes and cabinets that will fit your space precisely. It is easier to achieve a truly spectacular design. If you have something specific in mind you may want to go this route. We are offering custom cabinets from Seattle Cabinets manufactured right here in the Pacific Northwest.

A Kitchen we did in Custom Cabinetry in a Soft Creamy White With a Dark Cherry Island–Design Susan Klinge.

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