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Workspace at Home

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Carve Out a Workspace at the Heart of your Home

Now more than ever, as a result of  the global pandemic people are working from home. And even though the threat is over this has made a significant lifestyle change for many.

While there are many benefits  of working from home, finding or planning a functional, organized workspace has been difficult for some. During work activities, people must face the demands of both family life and career choices. Creating a functional workplace right at the center of your home may help you create a balance to your daily activities.

While bedrooms, playrooms, and porches have become makeshift home offices for many, the benefits of a dedicated work zone are undeniable. Setting your workspace in a central space can help you keep an eye on your children while giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on your office goals.

Centering your work zone in your home can help you keep up with running your home, raising your children, while still presenting a professional face in your Zoom meetings. Setting up your worksite in your kitchen can also keep you caffeinated and allow for the ease of throwing tonight’s chicken in the instant pot or airfryer.

Here are a few ideas that can help you make your very own kitchen office to maximize your work at home experience.


Including an Island or a peninsula in your kitchen gives you plenty of space to spread out and get things done. With well-built kitchen islands providing the convenience of ample legroom, access to electrical outlets, and base cabinet storage space for all your office needs, there’s no better place to get your job done while making sure your family is taken care of.

A Built-in Desk

If you prefer a permanent spot with easy access to work devices and office supplies, a dedicated workplace that blends with the rest of your cabinets and countertops may be for you. You might consider installing a kitchen office with desk height cabinetry. There are all kinds of convenience hardware conventionally used in kitchens that lend themselves to an office workspace.  You may want to add file drawers fitted with hanging files. Here you can create a customized desk space to meet your needs.

Convenience Hardware

Optimize your kitchen space by giving added purpose to your kitchen drawers and cabinet pullouts. Use pullout shelves to house your computer accessories including printers and scanners. Charging centers are easy to fit in a drawer. So many kitchen conveniences adapt well to a home office’s needs.

Just a small space?

Sometimes all you need is a little dedicated space. Appropriating a closet or a pantry can be enough to make a small dedicated space. With the help of a talented designer you may be able to create a wonderful new office.

Ready to reimagine the possibilities for a suitable workspace in your kitchen area? Check out Seattle Cabinet’s exclusive inspiration gallery and explore kitchen configurations that can help you strike a healthy work-life balance at the very heart of your home.

Wishing you happiness in style,

Susan Klinge, Interior, Kitchen, and Bath Designer