The word contemporary pertains to the current or present, and the same thing goes in terms of design. The contemporary style reflects what is currently on-trend. Because of this Contemporary style is always evolving as opposed to the Modern style that harkens back to a particular time in history. This style of kitchen cabinets reflects elements of the modern style, thus they have some of the same attributes. Characterized by a sleek look and minimalist aesthetics, contemporary style kitchen cabinets generally have simple surfaces which have little to no ornamentation. This design choice has few decorative moldings or carvings and features clean lines and flat surfaces rather than raised panels. Its hardware is also sleek and non-embellished.

Contemporary style kitchen cabinets generally have a crisp look. And their spare aesthetics often make kitchen spaces appear more spacious and bright. This cabinet style is also typically made up of modern materials like metal, glass, or plastic. However, wood or wood veneer is also used to soften its look. Countertops often have wall fall ends.

Popular colors for contemporary style kitchen cabinets include neutrals and typically have a monochromatic palette. To achieve a sharp look, colors like white, black, and gray are used. Bright and bold colors can be used as accents.