Mid Century Modern

Modern Farmhouse

Modern kitchen cabinet styles are characterized by angular lines, geometric forms, smooth surfaces, and minimal ornamentation. In general, this style is simple and has a sleek, streamlined look; but can also include curved forms and angles. Flat surfaces with little to no details of carvings, moldings, or panels are the norm. It typically has a horizontal orientation.

Similar to contemporary kitchen cabinets, the modern style makes use of man-made and synthetic materials like plastic, metal, glass, and concrete or in some cases, mixed materials. Modern kitchen cabinets are also usually finished with laminates, wood veneers, or frosted glass panels. Wood is also used in this style, but instead of using one type, modern kitchen cabinets can combine different tones.  When it comes to color, natural wood and earthy colors make up the palette. It is warmer and more organic looking than contemporary styles.
Two modern styles that are very popular today are Mid Century Modern as characterized above and  Modern Farmhouse.
In Modern Farmhouse we see light natural woods like white oak combined with painted (shades of white or pale green and blues) cabinets. One of the hallmarks of Modern Farmhouse is accents of metal finishes in cabinet hardware and support structures for open shelving. As there can be overlap this also becomes more Transitional.