Transitional kitchens are a fusion of traditional and contemporary design styles. This style combines the simplicity of contemporary and the warmth of traditional design thus creating a fresher and updated look.

Transitional style kitchen cabinets are characterized by defined lines, a streamlined profile, and simple paneled doors. A Shaker-type door style, a recessed panel, is the most common. The transitional design allows for minimal use of ornamentation like crown molding, cornices, and corbels. But these design details are kept subdued instead of being intricate and elaborate. The more detailed the decor is, the more traditional it becomes.

Instead of using synthetic materials, transitional kitchen cabinets make use of wood or wood in a painted finish. Neutral colors such as white, beige, brown, and soft pastel shades are popular cabinet colors. Two-tone kitchens with a wood tone or a paint color (Navy, Sage, Blues) combined with shades of white are very popular.

Transitional style kitchen cabinets are typically complemented with minimal accents, a classic backsplash in a uniform pattern, and natural stone countertops or quartz patterns that resemble a natural stone-like marble.