Custom Kitchen Cabinets Bellevue WA

In a stunning Bellevue residence, a kitchen transformation has taken place that seamlessly blends classic elements with modern aesthetics. The kitchen exudes a timeless charm through its choice of transitional design, marrying the best of traditional and contemporary styles.
The focal point of the kitchen is the exquisite white cabinetry that graces both the base and upper sections. The cabinets are adorned with meticulously crafted painted shaker doors, which bring a sense of depth and texture to the space. These doors feature clean lines and recessed panels, capturing the essence of the shaker style while offering a refreshing update.
Functionality and design merge seamlessly in the wide drawers that effortlessly glide in and out. These drawers not only provide ample storage space but also showcase the sleekness of the design. Subtle and slim handles adorn these drawers, offering an unobtrusive touch that enhances the overall aesthetic without overshadowing the elegance of the cabinets.
An air of sophistication and practicality is achieved through the choice of double upper cabinets. These cabinets not only offer an increased storage capacity but also create a sense of balance in the kitchen’s layout. The upper cabinets maintain the painted shaker door design, harmonizing effortlessly with the rest of the cabinetry.
The heart of the kitchen, the central island, introduces a captivating contrast to the predominantly white cabinetry. The island features a rich brown stained finish that brings a sense of warmth and depth to the space. This earthy tone serves as an exquisite counterpoint to the surrounding white cabinets, creating a visual dynamic that is both inviting and engaging.
The entire composition of the kitchen exudes a sense of coherence and elegance. The white shaker cabinets with their painted finish, the strategic placement of wide drawers with delicate handles, the functional double upper cabinets, and the captivating brown stained island all work in harmony to create a kitchen that is not only visually appealing but also highly practical.
In this Bellevue kitchen, the transitional style has been masterfully executed, resulting in a space that captures the essence of both classic and contemporary design elements. It’s a testament to the art of design and the meticulous attention to detail that transforms a kitchen into a true masterpiece.

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