How to Make your Kitchen a Safe for Children

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How to Make your Kitchen a Safe for Children


It’s imperative to keep this in mind during a renovation project, as you want to make sure that your kitchen is a safe place for all members of your family, especially the little ones. We’ve gathered the best tips to keep in mind, to ensure a stylish yet safe kitchen.


Curved and rounded


Children love to run around and let their imagination take over. That’s why making sure that the edges and corners around your kitchen space are not sharp and pointy, but instead eased and curved. This ensures that even if the unfortunate bump-into-the-kitchen-island occurs, the damage is not bad. Picking out a countertop for your kitchen island with rounded edges is the perfect step towards for kitchen safe



Stylish and safe


As you pick out the décor for your newly renovated kitchen, keep in mind that safety should still be a priority. A non-slip kitchen rug will really help those little feet stay grounded as they run around.


Adding latches to necessary cabinets and drawers keep curious, little hands safe. Other places to seal off include the fridge, oven, and anywhere you store cleaning products. Finding latches that match your color scheme is a great way to balance out safety without compromising your style.


Smart additions


Although latches keep certain doors and drawers closed and away from prying hands, there are also bigger, potentially more dangerous things to watch out for. Making sure that fragile things like wine glasses, and other glass items, are out of harm’s way is a necessary aspect to consider. Among that, big appliances should be kept out of reach, and essentially anything you wouldn’t want to be grabbed and played with.


By adding in certain additions to your cabinets, like an appliance garage, a wine rack, or a built-in knife organizer , you’re setting up the foundation for the stylistic kitchen of your dreams, as well as a safe place for everyone in the family.



As you start your kitchen renovation, consider these things to ensure it stays safe. Whether you choose to stash away big appliances and fragile things, or accessorize safely, these are all great ways to ensure your kitchen meets your remodeling standards while also keeping little ones protected.


Wishing you happiness in style,

Susan Klinge, Interior, Kitchen, and Bath Designer