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How to make your kitchen space look bigger?

By October 27, 2023 No Comments

Who doesn’t love a spacious kitchen? We all do, right? But we cannot increase the kitchen area in our house, even if we wish to, but what we can do is make the space appear bigger than it is. There are some clever ways to do that. We list a few ways to help your kitchen appear bigger and more spacious.

Expansive Lighting

Lighting is extremely important for a kitchen to make the space appear bigger and brighter. Apart from the central lighting fixture, install LEDs or battery-powered lights in the cabinet to make them brighter. Without the proper lighting, dark shadows around the cabinets tend to make the space look reduced in size.

Shallow Cabinets

This is probably the smartest advice you can get to make your kitchen look more spacious. Make sure that your cabinets use the entire length of the wall and they are less deep than the standard size. You can go for a 15-inch deep cabinet instead of the full-sized 24-inch deep cabinet. The slimmer your cabinets are, the more floor space would you have. If you are worried about your storage space getting reduced, then mind you, increasing the height of the cabinets would restore the space for you.

Less Hardware

custom cabinets SeattleWhat better way to make a space look more open than by eliminating the clutter. Reduce your hardware to a minimum and keep a clean counter.

A Slimmer Refrigerator

The refrigerator takes up most of the space in our kitchen. But there is a smart hack around that too. Go for a slimmer fridge instead and save quite a few inches of space in your kitchen.

Panel Ready Appliances

Install dishwashers and refrigerators with a customer cover on them that matches the rest of the cabinetry. This will result in a more blended and continuous look creating an overall large appearance. It also adds sophistication to your kitchen design.


The mirror is the best way to open up a small space. Use a big-sized mirror in the splash back to make your kitchen look bigger.

Glass Door Cabinets

Go for glass door cabinets or even tinted glass doors to make your kitchen look more spacious. You can use glass-door cabinets to showcase some of your crockery or drinkware.

Floating Shelves

Your kitchen does not necessarily have to have cabinets all around. You can experiment with floating shelves and display your daily-use jars and tableware. It will make the space look more open and airier.

transitional kitchen cabinets

Shiny Surfaces

Glassdoor cabinets, shiny tiles, stainless steel appliances are a great way to make your kitchen feel bigger because they would reflect all the light that is coming into the kitchen.

Of course, there is no end to what you can do to make your kitchen seem bigger than the usual size. An open kitchen design is probably the best way to open up the kitchen space, but you can go for all these hacks too if you want. Do let us know if you go for any of these ideas for your kitchen. You can also connect to us in case you need kitchen remodeling to be done for your place. We are always happy to help!