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How to Organize your kitchen Cabinets

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When it comes to organization, finding a system that works for your specific situation can seem overwhelming at first. The feeling of “so much to do, so little time” can often wonder into our minds and leave us feeling less than inspired to take on the task of organizing our space. If you’ve ever looked at your kitchen and had these feelings come up, have no fear, and take a deep breath! We’ve got the perfect tips to get your kitchen up to speed with organization.

  1. Add Baskets and Storage Containers to Maximize Space and Organization
  2. A place for Everything and Everything in its Place
  3. Use Wall Space to Hang Things
  4. Add a Lazy Susan to make things more accessible
  5. Install a tension rod for pots and pans


If lack of kitchen cabinet space is making it hard to organize your kitchen, having an organizational system in place can give more space within your space. It’s easier than it sounds, and by adding baskets, containers, dividers and other convenience hardware into your pantry and cabinets you can be an organizational pro. In the pantry area, you can store staples in labeled containers. You can eliminate boxes and keep things organized. Just remember to label everything. With baskets and containers, you can store more food, snacks, and condiments.

Dividers help for any kitchen base cabinet that are overflowing with baking tins, as you’ll be able to store them on their sides. This will free up space andt keep everything organized and in its place. Even with these simple additions, you can easily divide and conquer the mess within.


One of the best methods to employ is every object, big or small, a home of its own. This means that everything has a place it should always be replaced after use.

Take for example your plastic storage containers.  They are notorious for being difficult to organize. By separating your Tupperware containers and their lids and finding a small container to keep the lids in, while stacking the containers inside one another. Neat and Tidy!


By utilizing the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors, you’ve basically just waved a magical organization wand and created that much more space! This also works with pantry doors.

Hanging up like knives, pots and pans, or even their lids, will help unclutter your cabinet spaces in no time.


As far as the inside of your cabinets go, you can take advantage of available height.

You can minimize wasted space using risers. Risers work because they create a mini shelf within your cabinet. This allows you to safely stack your dishes, while using up that space in the best way.

More Accessible Storage

Installing a Lazy Susan into your cabinet space eliminates not being able to reach the items you need. No longer will your cabinet space become a black hole of pots and cereal boxes!


Lastly, but certainly not least, bring in some much-needed tension to your organization journey.  Installing a tension rod into those deeper drawers and cabinets will work by separating the lids of pots and pans inside one drawer.


We hope this helps you feel confident and ready to take your kitchen cabinet organization to the next level with these tips. Cabinet organization doesn’t have to be so daunting and incorporating any of these tips will only set you and your kitchen up for organizational success.

Wishing you happiness in style,

Susan Klinge, Interior, Kitchen, and Bath Designer