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Installing kitchen cabinets in Redmond

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We recently completed custom kitchen cabinets installation project in a client’s house in Redmond city. The client was in need of custom cabinets that would fit their unique space and storage needs. Seattle Cabinets was up to the challenge, but they faced an unexpected hurdle during the installation process.


Step 1: Design and Approval

The first step in the project was to discuss the client’s design preferences and storage requirements. We worked closely with the client to create a custom design that met their needs. Once the design was finalized, the client approved it and the installation process began.

Step 2: Measurement and Construction

Our team visited the client’s house to take accurate measurements. The team then started the construction process in the workshop. The kitchen cabinets were constructed to match the approved design and fit the exact measurements taken at the client’s house.

Step 3: Delivery and Installation

Once the cabinets were constructed, they were transported from Kent to the client’s house in Redmond. The installation team arrived and began the installation process. However, they discovered that the refrigerator that the client had purchased did not match the approved measurements. The refrigerator was larger than anticipated and would not fit in the designated space.

Step 4: Solving the Problem

We were not deterred by this unexpected problem. Despite the long distance between Kent and Redmond, we were committed to finding a solution to ensure the cabinets would meet the client’s needs. The team quickly came up with a plan to modify the cabinets to accommodate the larger refrigerator.

Step 5: Modification and Final Installation

The team made the necessary modifications to the cabinets to accommodate the larger refrigerator. They adjusted the depth of the upper cabinets and the position of the lower cabinets to make space for the refrigerator. Once the modifications were complete, the team finished the installation, ensuring everything was level and secure.

Step 6: Final Inspection and Approval

After the installation was complete, we performed a final inspection of the cabinets to ensure they met the client’s expectations. The team was pleased to report that the modifications made for the refrigerator had not impacted the overall aesthetic or functionality of the cabinets. The client was happy with the end result and approved the installation.

In conclusion, Seattle Cabinets skilled team was able to overcome an unexpected issue during the installation of custom cabinets. Despite the challenge of the larger refrigerator, we were able to modify the cabinets to fit the client’s needs. Our dedication to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction is why Seattle Cabinets is a leading choice for custom cabinet design and installation in Kent and the surrounding areas.