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Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Lynnwood WA

Recently, a captivating kitchen and bathroom cabinets project was completed in Lynnwood, showcasing a transitional style that beautifully combines traditional and contemporary elements. The project aimed to create a fresh, timeless aesthetic while incorporating elements of functionality and elegance.
The foundation of the design lies in the choice of a classic white color for both the base and upper cabinets. The shaker-style doors, with their clean lines and recessed paneling, contribute to the overall transitional look. This style choice offers versatility and a sense of sophistication that complements various design preferences.
Adding a touch of contrast and richness to the space, a gray stained solid wood island was incorporated into the kitchen. This island serves as a focal point, anchoring the room while providing additional workspace and storage options. The gray stain adds depth and visual interest to the design, balancing the bright white cabinets with its subtle yet distinct color.
To enhance the overall aesthetic and create a cohesive design, black handles were selected for the cabinets. These sleek, modern hardware elements contribute to the transitional style by bridging the gap between the traditional and contemporary design elements. The contrasting black color adds an element of sophistication and creates a visual impact against the white cabinetry.
Furthermore, to incorporate open shelving and showcase decorative items or functional kitchenware, solid wood floating shelves were installed. These shelves add warmth and character to the kitchen, offering a space for personalization and displaying curated items. The solid wood material adds a natural element, creating a harmonious blend with the other design elements.
Overall, the recently completed kitchen and bathroom cabinets project in Lynnwood successfully achieves a transitional style with its white base and upper shaker doors, gray stained solid wood island, black handles, and solid wood floating shelves. The combination of these design choices creates a timeless, elegant, and functional space that is sure to captivate and inspire.

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