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Custom Classic Shaker Cabinets Oak Harbor WA

These classic shaker cabinets with a contemporary and minimalistic look, painted in calm grey shades and featuring an inset style, exude a timeless elegance with a modern twist.
The cabinets boast clean lines and simple, rectangular frames, characteristic of the classic shaker style. Each cabinet door is crafted with precision. The inset doors are flush with the frame, creating a seamless and refined appearance.
The calm grey shades chosen for the paint exude tranquility and sophistication, adding a touch of modernity to the traditional shaker design. The grey tones are subtle yet impactful, providing a versatile backdrop that complements a variety of interior styles and color schemes.
The finish of the cabinets is smooth and matte, enhancing the contemporary aesthetic while maintaining the understated elegance of the shaker style. The subdued sheen of the paint reflects light softly, creating a serene atmosphere in the space.
The hardware selected for the cabinets is sleek and minimalist, further emphasizing the clean and uncluttered look. Simple, brushed nickel or matte black handles adorn the doors, adding a subtle touch of sophistication without overpowering the design.
These contemporary shaker cabinets with their calm grey shades and inset style seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities. They serve as the perfect foundation for a minimalist and refined kitchen or living space, where timeless design meets contemporary flair.

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