We recently completed a stunning kitchen cabinets project in Edmonds WA that incorporated the popular shaker door style in a beautiful gray paint, frame construction, black hardware and a stylish island. The result is a modern and elegant kitchen that perfectly complements the homeowner’s taste and style.
For the cabinet doors, we utilized the timeless shaker style, known for its clean lines and versatile appeal. This classic design choice adds a touch of sophistication to the kitchen while ensuring a seamless integration with various interior styles.
To enhance the overall aesthetic, we applied a gorgeous gray color paint to the cabinets. Gray is a popular choice for modern kitchens as it offers a contemporary look and pairs well with a range of colors and finishes. The gray hue chosen for this project creates a sleek and inviting atmosphere.
The cabinets were expertly crafted with a framed construction, providing a traditional and refined look. This construction style adds depth and dimension to the cabinets, creating an elevated visual impact.
To add a stylish contrast, we selected black handles for the cabinets. Black hardware adds a touch of sophistication and acts as a focal point against the gray cabinetry, elevating the overall design.
Lastly, we incorporated an impressive island into the kitchen layout. The island serves as a functional centerpiece, providing ample workspace and additional storage. Its design seamlessly integrates with the rest of the kitchen, featuring matching shaker-style doors, gray color paint, and black handles.

Project Details

  • Contemporary
  • Alder Wood
  • MDF
  • Alder Plywood
  • Paint
4 Weeks