A recently completed kitchen cabinets project in Monroe, WA showcases a captivating modern style. The design includes upper cabinets that extend to the ceiling, maximizing storage space while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. The cabinet doors are crafted from laminate material with meticulous grain matching, contributing to a seamless and visually pleasing look.
An island serves as a focal point, adorned with tasteful LED lights that enhance both functionality and ambiance. This lighting element adds a touch of modern sophistication to the overall design.
An intriguing detail of the project is the inclusion of an upper cabinet with a glass insert framed by aluminum. This glass insert not only introduces an element of elegance but also provides an opportunity for display, allowing homeowners to showcase their cherished items within the kitchen space.
The completed project masterfully combines modern design principles with practicality, resulting in a kitchen that exudes style, functionality, and a unique charm in the heart of Monroe, WA.

Project Details

  • MDF
  • Laminate
  • laminate
4 Weeks