We are happy to describe the recently finished custom cabinets project in Bothell, WA, with a transitional style. This project showcases a harmonious blend of elements, resulting in a stunning and functional space that seamlessly balances modern and traditional design.
The heart of this project lies in the transitional style, which bridges the gap between contemporary and classic aesthetics. The chosen color palette is a testament to this balance. The cabinets feature a pristine white paint that exudes freshness and light, creating an open and airy atmosphere within the space. Complementing this brightness, a subtle gray stain on oak wood introduces depth and warmth, adding a touch of elegance and refinement.
The cabinet hardware serves as both a functional and decorative element. The slim and wide handles selected for the cabinets strike a perfect equilibrium between functionality and visual appeal. Their sleek design contributes to the modern aspect of the transitional style, while their width offers a nod to more traditional hardware styles, creating a pleasing fusion of elements.
One of the standout features of this project is the incorporation of a farmhouse sink. This choice infuses a sense of rustic charm into the space, a quintessential element of transitional design. The farmhouse sink’s deep basin not only provides ample room for various kitchen tasks but also adds a touch of nostalgia, evoking memories of classic kitchens while fitting seamlessly into the modern lifestyle.
The successful execution of this custom cabinet project in Bothell, WA, demonstrates the careful consideration and skillful integration of different design components. The transitional style, showcased through the combination of white paint with gray-stained oak wood, the choice of slim and wide handles, and the inclusion of a farmhouse sink, results in a space that is not only functional but also visually captivating. This project serves as a prime example of how thoughtful design choices can harmoniously unite diverse design elements to create a space that is both timeless and contemporary.

Project Details

  • Transitional
  • MDF&Wood
  • Plywood
  • Paint&Stain
6 Weeks