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Small Kitchen Gems

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A Little Gem of a Kitchen

Many people hope for a spacious and luxurious kitchen hoping to create an ideal cooking space. But some simply don’t have a truly expansive space. When we take on design projects there can be a reality check moment as we come to grips with the limitations of our situation–be it the budget or the space we have to work with.  But there are always creative ways to get the most out of a small space. Here are some tips that can change any tiny kitchen into a shining gem of a kitchen.

Organize your Potential

To maximize your storage space you can add all kinds of convenience hardware. It should be no surprise that many solutions come from Europe, where the kitchens are typically a lot smaller than in North America. You can add drawer dividers, or spice pullouts to existing cabinetry or add them to your new kitchen design.

Wall Space

A small kitchen space gives you a wonderful opportunity to use your creativity,  so be on the lookout in your kitchen for an empty wall or door space and utilize fancy hooks and decorative hangers to give yourself more room for the things you use every day!

Hang up those pots and pans on walls, or even inside pantry or cabinet doors to really expand your storage. Grab a magnetic strip to organize your knives or spice tins on your wall, or anything else that would stick. This can really help you maximize your storage potential.

Freedom from Clutter

There are so many books and videos today that can get you started on the road to being clutter-free. But the principles are to throw out or donate the things you don’t use–they can certainly be a blessing to someone else. And just toss the broken down and out of date.

In these days of higher anxiety, clutter can make things worse. Cleaning out our unused things and general clutter not only gives us a design refresh but a mental one as well. Who doesn’t feel better in an orderly, well-kept space? And with the organization comes more usable space.

Consider Open Shelve Solutions

Most people don’t utilize their small kitchen space in an effective way.  One of the top trendy ways to maximize a small kitchen space is to use open shelving. Using an open shelf for the items you use often will free up more cabinet space you can use to store things like dry foods or bulky cookbooks.  Also, the appearance of shelving space can open up your kitchen and make it appear bigger than it is.

The key to open storage is to make the items on display as neat and tidy as possible. Again–clutter is the enemy of a well-organized and beautiful space.


Those new open shelves are a perfect spot to add one or two small accessory pieces -a flower vase, a distinct set of salt and pepper shakers, or even a floral mug – will make all the difference and help you express your personal style and choices.

Or if you have the room, let your countertop accessories reflect your style. An aqua mixer brings a pleasant, beachy accent to your workspace.

While a red toaster can lend a touch of Americana to your Farmhouse kitchen.


As the heart of your home, your kitchen can make your house a warm and inviting space. With a few creative solutions and design choices in your cooking space, you can make your kitchen not only feel and look bigger, but also optimize the space.

At Seattle Cabinets, we have many design solutions that can help you with organization and give you both beauty and efficiency in your space.

Wishing you happiness in style,

Susan Klinge, Interior, Kitchen, and Bath Designer