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Top 3 types of lighting for a kitchen

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A kitchen is a place in a home that takes care of everyone in the house. It is the place everyone gathers or meets everyone else. It is in fact a place that will always be present in every home. Everyone has fond childhood memories of kitchens. Some have memories of talking to their mothers in her kitchen while others have cut or burnt their fingers in the kitchen. And almost everyone remembers having delicious food.

Even as adults, kitchens take a lot of focus as everyone spends some amount of time daily in the kitchen. So, whenever it is about building a new house or renovating a kitchen, it is important the lighting for a kitchen is properly planned, among other things.

Major types of kitchen lighting

There are 3 major types of lighting for a kitchen:-


All-over lighting

it is the basic type of lighting and the most important one too. Although everyone installs all-over lighting in their kitchens, the important deal is the way it is fitted in the kitchen. If the kitchen receives a lot of natural light, it is important that the installation covers a lot of shadow areas in the daytime and provides ample coverage around windows at night. It is important to discuss the same with your designer or your cabinet maker.

Task lighting


it is specialist lighting that might not be as prevalent as the ambient all-over lighting, but it is important. It is to be installed over specific spots or LEDs in the kitchen. These lights help in giving the kitchen an idea of extra space. These lighting could be understood as tabletop lamps. The prime function of these lamps is to cast a strong beam of light over just the desktop. Similarly, the task kitchen lighting can help you use those spaces that are great to do stuff such as use a blender or place a recipe booklet.

Pendant lighting





These are quite well known as they have a very specific function, which is to light up the island. They are good at doing what they are supposed to do. Our only tip is to choose lights that give you enough coverage while remaining above eye level. Going by the principle, it would be better to choose two of those in a smaller size than one in a large.


If you would like to have a detailed discussion about lighting for a kitchen or if you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, feel free to get in touch with us.