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Top 5 flooring options for your kitchen

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A kitchen is not just a cooking space, it is the hub of any home. A kitchen floor has to go through endurance tests more frequently than any other space in the house. It has to withstand a relentless crusade of foot-soldiers, a lot of (hot & cold) spills and drips, heat and dropped utensils, etc. Hence, the flooring for the kitchen should be sturdy and durable are requiring low maintenance. The key to making the correct choice of flooring is balancing design, function, and comfort.

While shopping for the kitchen flooring options, keep the following key points in mind:

Durability: The material used for kitchen flooring should be tough enough to survive dropped skillet without damaging the floor. It should have the strength to withstand frequent spills and high foot traffic.

Water-resistance: The kitchen is a semi-wet area and frequent spilling of water should not damage the flooring.

Easy to clean: There should not be any groves on the flooring where the dirt gets stuck. Look for seamless flooring options for easier cleaning.

Design-friendly: Flooring should look in sync with the design of the rest of the kitchen.

With a wide assortment of materials that are available in the market, the following guide will help you choose the best flooring options for your kitchen.




Tiles are the go-to flooring options for areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom, susceptible to moisture. It can last a lifetime if installed, grouted, and sealed properly. The popular options for kitchen tile flooring are:

Ceramic or porcelain tile: These tiles have a hard solid surface that does not attract dirt or dust. They are waterproof and are easy to maintain. Ceramic tiles can endure any amount of spills, splatters, and messes that can be wiped away with a mop or sponge easily.

Natural Stone: They are a little expensive than ceramic tiles but are easy to clean and maintain. They are popular because of their natural finish.


Vinyl flooring options are available in two compositions WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) or SPC (Stone Plastic Composite). They are synthetic flooring material that comes in large sheets of stick-down tiles. Vinyl flooring is fully water-proof, scratch-resistant, comfortable underfoot, and budget-friendly.


Concrete is one of the best kitchen flooring options for a busy kitchen. It is an inexpensive, long-lasting, and budget-friendly alternative available in the market. Concrete floorings are flexible, can be polished and waxed to give different finishes depending on the style of the kitchen.


Solid hardwood flooring is on the higher side of the price scale.


Solid hardwood planks or engineered wood are used for this type of flooring.  They are little susceptible to the presence of moisture. However, modern sealers and polyurethane finishes make it more durable and long-lasting.


Granite flooring adds beauty to your kitchen because of the elegance it radiates. It is scratch-resistant and has waterproof flooring. Granites last for a lifetime and are a good choice for high-traffic areas. They can be polished to a high sheen.

Now that you have a great understanding of the different flooring options for your kitchen, we are sure you would not face any problem in deciding which one suits your needs the best. In any case, we are here to help you with everything.