Which Is Best For You: To Replace Or Paint Kitchen Cabinets

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These Are What Clients In Seattle Consider Before Going Into This Project

This is a great question to ask! Knowing the differences can change the cost and how happy you are in the end.

In this post, you can find out if it’s better for you to replace or paint kitchen cabinets. You can also discover when one is a better choice than the other.

What’s Best For Our Situation?

“I’m not sure which is best for our situation,” admits Sandra.

“Hmm, then how will we know if we should replace or paint kitchen cabinets?” asks Bob. Sandra shrugs. “The only way I can think of is to Google it. That’s how we found out how much kitchen cabinets cost.”

Bob nods. “Then let’s try that again. If it worked once then it should work a second time,” he says as he fishes his phone from his pocket.

Here’s what the couple finds online:

Which Is Best For You: To Replace Or Paint Kitchen Cabinets

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets Replacing Kitchen Cabinets
Keep your original cabinets Access to new cabinet technologies
Lower price tag Higher price tag
DIYable Needs a professional to install
Takes less time Takes more time
Doesn’t work well if cabinets are damaged Better for if cabinets are in bad shape
Better for if you’re selling Best for layout changes during remodeling
Usually left unhappy after some time passes People tend to be happier with the change
Doesn’t last long until touch-ups are needed Can change color along with style.

*Many of our clients come to us to replace their cabinets after they paint them. They notice it doesn’t change enough about the cabinets, and then the paint starts failing.

The Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets vs Replace

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The cost to paint kitchen cabinets is about 2 to 4 times less than replacing them. It may be best to keep in mind what your project is for. If you’re remodeling, replacing your cabinets may be best.

Timeline For Getting New Kitchen Cabinets vs Painting Them

Shaker kitchen cabinets

Normally, the standard wait time to get kitchen cabinets is about 4 weeks. Right now in 2023, it can take anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks to get them.

Painting kitchen cabinets can take less than a week. It depends on the contractor you use. Some take longer, but they do a great job.

Should You Replace Or Paint Kitchen Cabinets When Selling vs Remodeling

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Painting is cheaper and takes less time. This makes it more ideal for when you’re trying to sell. It can give kitchens a fresh look people love.

If you’re remodeling and decide to change the layout, replacing your kitchen cabinets may be a good choice. The layout change may need a different number of cabinets.

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“Now we just have to look at our situation and decide which is best for us,” says Bob. Sandra nods. “That’s true.