In a recently finished Contemporary style kitchen cabinets project in Seattle, the design elements combine modernity and timeless appeal. The description of the kitchen cabinets is as follows:
Shaker Style Doors: The kitchen cabinets feature shaker style doors, which are characterized by their simple, clean lines and recessed panels. This classic design choice complements the contemporary aesthetic, offering a versatile and elegant look that fits well with various interior styles.
Gray Paint: The cabinets are finished with a tasteful gray paint, adding a touch of sophistication and subtle contrast to the kitchen. Gray is a popular color choice for contemporary kitchens, as it creates a calming atmosphere and pairs well with various countertop and flooring materials.
Curved Upper Side Cabinets: Adding a unique and stylish twist to the design, the upper side cabinets on either end of the kitchen feature a curved shape. This curved design element softens the overall look and adds a sense of fluidity to the space, creating an eye-catching focal point.
Sleek Hardware: The cabinet doors and drawers are adorned with sleek, modern hardware in a complementary finish, such as brushed nickel or chrome. The hardware is selected to blend seamlessly with the overall design and provide functional ease of use.
Ample Storage Solutions: The kitchen cabinets are designed with practicality in mind, offering a range of storage solutions. Deep drawers, pull-out organizers, and cleverly designed corner cabinets maximize storage space while keeping the kitchen organized and clutter-free.
Overall, this kitchen cabinets project in Seattle showcases a harmonious blend of classic Shaker style, modern gray paint, and unique curved upper side cabinets. The incorporation of functional and stylish elements creates a visually appealing and highly functional kitchen space that complements the contemporary lifestyle of the homeowners.

Project Details

  • Contemporary
  • Maple Wood
  • Maple Plywood
  • Paint
5 Weeks