This stunning kitchen cabinets project in Issaquah was completed, showcasing a modern and stylish design. The kitchen was transformed with a blue paint scheme, bringing a touch of vibrant color to the space. The choice of blue not only adds a contemporary feel but also creates a welcoming and refreshing atmosphere.
The cabinets were meticulously crafted with a focus on functionality and aesthetics. Wide drawers were incorporated, providing ample storage and making it convenient to organize kitchen essentials. The flat panels used in the cabinet doors contribute to the sleek and clean appearance, complementing the overall modern theme.
An eye-catching feature of this kitchen design is the handleless approach. Instead of traditional handles, the cabinets were designed with a minimalist touch, using a push-to-open mechanism. This design choice not only enhances the sleek look but also adds to the ease of use, allowing for a seamless and uncluttered aesthetic.
To make the most of the available space, wide upper cabinets were installed. These upper cabinets are not only visually appealing but also serve as a practical solution for storing various kitchen items. The use of lift-up Blum hardware for the upper cabinets adds a touch of sophistication while offering ease of access to the contents inside.
Overall, the finished kitchen cabinets project in Issaquah brings together modern style, a captivating blue color scheme, wide drawers, flat panel doors, handleless design, and functional lift-up hardware for the upper cabinets. The result is a contemporary and elegant kitchen that perfectly blends aesthetics and functionality, making it a delightful space for both cooking and socializing.

Project Details

  • Modern
  • MDF
  • Laminate
  • Paint
6 Weeks